From Luton to Liechtenstein

JamieComic genius Jamie tops the bill of tax avoiders.

And here’s how he does it…

Tax avoiders like star funny man Jamie make sure their income that should be taxed in the UK ends up in an offshore company or trust (and maybe both).

There are numerous ways to do this. Having deposited the income in an offshore tax haven like Liechtenstein, it’s then lent back to the tax avoider in the UK. They pay only a tiny amount of interest but never actually settle the loan in full. And of course the few top-earners who get caught out give the very many entertainers who pay their tax in full, and don’t earn anything like enough to use these dodges a bad name.


The result is that almost all the tax avoider’s income escapes UK tax while they and live in the UK.

Liechtenstein – very popular with celebs who avoid paying UK income tax by setting up trust funds there