“Travelling first class is really hard work!”

Fiona on her commuteCity slicker Fiona tells how she copes

Being technically domiciled outside the UK, like Fiona, isn’t the only way to live and work tax-free in this country.

If you’re wealthy enough to live abroad then you can exploit the UK’s residence rules to get out of our tax system. If you’re here for less than 90 days a year you can still be non-resident, but because of doubts about what a day is for tax purposes (hard to believe, but true) a person can sometimes be in the UK on four days a week for more than 40 weeks a year and still not pay UK tax.

The rule has been abused by the so-called ‘Monaco boys’ (and girls, Ed) – city slickers who commute by jet to London on Mondays and leave on Thursdays.

Kerching! says: “It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!”